Week-by-Week Course Schedule

Course Meets: T/R 1:50-3:05 pm, PACCAR 103



Tuesday, August 27 Intro to course and each other


Thursday, August 29

Intro to INST majors/minors, requirements, careers



Tuesday, September 3

Knowing the world through geography; Map exercise

Peoples, Places and Patterns:  Using Geography to Understand the World

Reading:  pp. 37-50, Chpt. 2 in textbook


Thursday, September 5

Peoples, Places and Patterns:  Using Geography to Understand the World

Reading:  pp. 50-end, Chpt. 2 in textbook AND “Prisoners of Geography,” by Ricardo Hausman, Foreign Policy, Jan/Feb 2001 (published online Nov 20, 2009), pp.44-53.




Tuesday, September 10

Anthropology, Intro to the Study of Cultures and Peoples

Reading:  pp. 63-73, Chpt. 3 in textbook


Thursday, September 12

Levels of Culture

Reading:  pp. 73-77 in textbook



Tuesday, September 17 

Intercultural Relations

Reading:  pp. 77-end of Chpt. 3 in textbook


Thursday, September 19

Pop-archeology exercise


Tuesday, September 24 

Post-Colonialism, Development, Culture and Interculturality

Listen:  Rough Translation Podcast Ghana's Parent Trap


Thursday, Sept 26

Guest, Study Abroad, Alisha Lombardi


Tuesday, Oct 1

The Past in the Present:  What is History? 

Reading:  pp. 13-22, Chpt. 1 in textbook and readings in Bb

Thursday, Oct 3

Zambia, CLP, Josh Armstrong

Reading: remanding of history chpt in textbook


Tuesday, Oct 8

History:  Revisionism around the Holocaust, esp in PL

Reading: Smithosonian November 2018 issue

Thursday, October 10

History:  Revisionism around the Holocaust, esp in PL

Reading: Smithsonian November 2018 issue


Tuesday, October 15

Economics and International Development

Pulling things together; think about the value of interdisciplinary studies:  what is gained and lost by using an interdisciplinary approach; review Map of Africa, cultures map

Reading: pp. 91-109, Chpt. 4


Thursday, October 17

Quiz - Geography, Culture, History, Econ/Development

During class: brainstorming what we want to study for rest of class: regions; issues

with students choosing one of the 5 topics we will cover weeks 10-15  


Tuesday, October 22

Research session with Dr B; format; requirements for bibliography; beginning our research.

Before class: The region and issue you have chosen for your research project.  In Bb: Go to Graded Assignments > Research Topics > Research Topics TurnItIn upload link


Thursday, October 24

Working session with Dr B- working bibliography due at end of class.


WEEK 10 

Tuesday, October 29

Conflict and Policy:  Nation-states and Non-State Actors in the Global System 

Reading:  pp. 134-end of Chpt. 5


Thursday, October 31

In honor of Election Day next week, a look at elections around the world; electoral systems; voting


Tuesday, November 5 - Election Day!  

Regional Introduction to Sub-Saharan Africa and the International Community

Read:  sections of chpt on Africa; supplemental reading on voting/elections in Africa


From this point on:  will have participation of students - choosing reading or activity on their subject; taking us through it

Thursday, November 7

Regional Introduction: Latin America

Read:  chpt on Latin America


Tuesday, November 12

Regional Introduction:  Middle East and North Africa

Read:  chpt on MENA

Thursday, November 14

Regional Introduction:  East Asia and the Pacific; Demography and Development


Tuesday, November 19

Thursday, November 21


Tuesday, November 25

Thursday, November 27 - Thanksgiving!

Week 15

Tuesday, December 3

Thursday, December 5

Course wrap-up and review for final

Final Exam Period: Thursday, December 12, 10:30-12:30 pm

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